Monday, 13 May 2013

Pedicure at home

5 Simple steps to do Pedicure at home without Pedicure Kit

In recent trend most of the girls prefer to wear mini skirts and shorts. To wear mini skirts and shorts with confidence their leg and foot should look beautiful and apealing. All cannot afford to go to beauty parlour regularly or some may have no time to go to parlour..For that people they can do pedicure at home by using the products available in he kitchen.

Clean your Nails

 To start of with the pedicure you must clean the legs by washing it in  water.Now clean the legs with dry cloth and wipe off the water completely. Now you must clean the nail. If there is a nail polish remaining in your nail then remove it using a nail polish remover( Nail polish remover should be used carefully by dipping it in cotton and apply it only on the nails). Even though if you have not applied nail polish previously apply few drops of nail polish remover in cotton and wipe it off so that the nails become clean.

                                                                     Shape Your Nails

          This step can be done with the nail cutter itself. Cut your nails to any length depending upon your wish.
All nail should be in the same length so that it looks beautiful to see.

      After cutting your nails you should file your nails by using the back side of the nail cutter.So that nail can be given a good shape.

Clean Your Legs and Fingers

              Clean your legs by using the items available in your home. Take a tub fill it with warm water put some sea salt, half cut lime by squeezing the lime juice inside and then few drops of shampoo(any shampoo). Now place your leg inside the warm water till the water changes to room temperature.Now take your legs out and wipe it with the dry towel.Now you can feel that the skin is soft as well as clean.

Remove Dead Cells Using Foot Scrubber Or Pumice Stone

            Don't remove the cuticles from nails. When the fingers are dry push back the cuticle inside with your hand. If you have cuticle cream apply that or just apply any moisturizer you have at home to the legs.

  The back side of the foot should be cleaned used foot scrubber or pumice stone.Give continuos stroke using foot scrubber at  the back of your foot and cleanse it with water.Wipe off the water with dry towel.

Apply Nail Polish


            After completing all the steps now apply nail polish of your choice neatly. Then give overcoat to the nail polish and now your legs will look amazing.


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